Types of protection

Invention Patent: This type of patent is granted for products offering a technical solution relating to the product itself, its use or a process. The term for an invention patent is 20 years from the filing date.

Utility Model: Similar to an invention patent, a utility model patent offers protection for technical solutions related to an apparatus. However, it does not protect a process or other product not considered to be an apparatus such as substances, animal or plant structures, etc. The term for a utility model is 10 years from the filing date and may be extended up to 3 years.

Additional Patent: This applies to inventions related to drugs, pesticides or agrochemicals. For applications which require a permit, the validity of the patent may be extended by no more than 5 years.

Design Patent: This type of patent relates to the artistic features and design of a factory-made or home-made article. The term is 5 years from the filing date and may be extended for 5 years at the request of the patent holder, but for no more than 25 years.1

Convention and treaty membership

Russia became a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty in March 1978 and is also a signatory of numerous treaties and conventions including, but not limited to the following:

  • Paris Convention
  • Budapest Treaty
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Strasbourg Agreement2

International, National and Regional applications

For information regarding how to file international, regional or national patent applications in each country, we welcome you to contact us.