Types of protection

Patent: For an invention to be patentable, it needs to possess three criteria. First, it must be new and not known in any way. Secondly, the inventive step requires that the invention must offer an improvement over any existing product or process that is already available, but not be obvious to someone with technical skills or knowledge in the invention’s particular field. And third, the invention must also have an industrial application, i.e., it must have a practical application useful in some form of industry.1

Registered Designs: Registered Designs are used primarily to protect designs for industrial use. A Registered Desigm protects the external appearance of the article.2

Provisional Patent: Similar to a provisional application in other countries, it is not required to provide a claim or claims when filing a patent application in order to obtain a date of filing. However, claims should be furnished within 12 months to complete the patent application. There is no additional charge for furnishing the claims. As an alternative, an applicant may apply for a new patent, claiming priority from the earlier provisional application.3

Convention and treaty membership

The WIPO Singapore office was established in 2005 and is a member of several conventions and treaties including, but not limited to the following:

  • Paris Convention
  • Madrid Protocol
  • Nice Agreement
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Budapest Treaty
  • Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks4